If you’re asking yourself “is there an Alfa Romeo dealer near me that is known for their customer service,” Van Horn Alfa Romeo of Davenport should be your top answer. We make customer satisfaction our main goal and will provide you with a sweeping range of automotive services, including motor oil changes.

What is the importance of motor oil? Well, for starters, motor oil is a highly effective lubricant that is used in nearly all engines. Your engine requires lubrication because of all of the moving components inside. Without lubrication, these parts would experience excess friction and risk breaking altogether. Motor oil helps these components move smoothly, although over time can develop hindering grime deposits. This grime can reduce the effectiveness of motor oil, and put your engine at risk. This is precisely why we recommend our customers change their motor oil once every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

What kind of motor oil should I put in my vehicle? It’s true, there are a wide range of motor oil variations out there, that said they all fit into one of four categories: full synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional, and high mileage. If you’re driving an Alfa Romeo vehicle, it’s likely that one of our technical experts will recommend full synthetic motor oil. Typically used in performance vehicles, and recognized for its incredible lubricating properties, full synthetic motor oil is a top tier kind of motor oil that is intended to boost the overall efficiency of your engine.

If you’re looking for a luxury car mechanic to change your motor oil, you can look no further than Van Horn Alfa Romeo Davenport. We’ll inspect the condition of motor oil, and ensure that every aspect of your engine is running smoothly to ensure the long-term health of your vehicle.