If you’re looking for a top of the line Alfa Romeo car for sale, Van Horn Alfa Romeo of Davenport is here to please. We have earned a reputation throughout the Quad Cities for providing our customers with great vehicles and superb service. One of the many services that we offer our clients is expert automotive knowledge, about everything from engine care to the connection between tires and performance.

Your tires make up the foundation of your vehicle. They’re responsible for maintaining your grip on the road and act as a source of support for the weight of your vehicle. That said, they can also either contribute or draw from your vehicle’s performance.

If you’re the driver of an Alfa Romeo car then you already know the thrill of driving a performance vehicle. When you’re selecting tires, factors like your speed rating can affect just how much speed your tires can withstand. At the same time, speed rating can also determine how much heat your tire can endure before reaching capacity. The load index of your tires can also play a huge role in just how much weight your vehicle can support. While Alfa Romeo performance vehicles are rarely used as heavy-duty haulers, having the appropriate load index for your vehicle can make a huge difference in the overall performance of your car.

Purchasing a new set of tires for your Alfa Romeo vehicle can be a bit of a challenge, that is if you tackle the task alone. When you visit Van Horn Alfa Romeo Davenport you’ll encounter an entire department of luxury car mechanics who can help you find the set of tires that provide you with the best performance.