At Van Horn Alfa Romeo Davenport, we’re more than just a team of Alfa Romeo dealers trying to sell cars, we’re also a source of auto knowledge for drivers throughout Kewanee area. One of the many topics we want to tell our customers about is common road hazards, and how to stay safe as you drive.

Of all the road hazards to avoid, poor weather is one of the most common. Whether you’re tackling the Iowa winter or taking on tons of fall rain, weather can dramatically affect your road conditions. When things are particularly bad, drivers should try to avoid the road entirely, but we understand that isn’t always possible. So, when taking to the road during poor weather conditions we recommend that you drive carefully and keep your speed at a minimum so as to avoid hydroplaning.

Even more dangerous than the weather is other drivers. Other drivers can be unpredictable, and distracted drivers, in particular, can cause some pretty serious accidents. This is why we urge drivers to remain aware of the road at all times and allow drivers who seem distracted or impaired pass safely.

Finally, drivers should be aware of the road itself. Between potholes, dips, bumps, and cracks, the road itself can be riddled with potential hazards that can lead a blow out or worse. Unfortunately, the only way to tackle a poorly maintained road is to stay aware and slow down. If you can’t safely slow down and swerve around a pothole, then you should try and traverse it as slowly as possible.

Regardless if you’re looking to sit behind the wheel of a new Alfa Romeo, or are hoping to get your existing luxury vehicle serviced, our car experts at Van Horn Alfa Romeo Davenport are here for anything you need.