We believe that you should never settle for second best, and that goes for the maintenance team you hire too. At Van Horn Alfa Romeo Davenport, we host a service center that is more than equipped to handle your luxury exotic vehicles and will provide you with expertise and knowledge that you can trust.

Discount mechanics can seem appealing at first glance. They probably offer some incredible deals to make up for their lack of experience. However, the truth of the matter is, these general-purpose mechanics and auto technicians offer pricing that compares to a dealership, yet you may end up getting work that is less than favorable.

Sure, these discount mechanics may have the tools and equipment to keep your vehicle running, but there is no guarantee that they know the ins and outs of your vehicle, especially if it’s a luxury foreign model. This fact is particularly true of Alfa Romeo vehicles. Alfa Romeo specializes in designing exotic cars that are simply out of this world, so it only makes sense that you should go to a mechanic that understands every nut, bolt, and valve like the back of their hand.

Going to a dealership, like Van Horn Alfa Romeo Davenport, to receive auto maintenance can be the best way to guarantee high-quality services. Our Alfa Romeo dealers and service experts know everything there is to know about the Alfa Romeo family lineup. We’ll provide you with a peace of mind that you simply won’t find at a discount dealership, and strive to keep your vehicle running at optimal performance well into the future.