Winter temperature and adverse weather can be a lot on any vehicle, particularly the exotic models that we offer at our Alfa Romeo dealership. At Van Horn Alfa Romeo Davenport, we may specialize in spectacular high-performing vehicles, but we also have expertise in properly maintaining them too.

When the roads are slick with ice or covered in snow and rain, the best thing you can do for your car and your safety is to stay home. Unfortunately, that isn’t always a possibility, and sometimes you can get caught in the thick of it unexpectedly. This is precisely the reason why we stress winter maintenance in our service center.

We can do a lot to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely through the winter. One way we provide winter maintenance is by offering complete tire inspections and replacements whenever needed. Your tires are your main source of traction, and if they’re old, in need of replacing, or simply not designed for winter driving, you’ll likely need the help of a tire expert.

Your motor fluids may also need swapping when the temperatures drop come winter-time. Some motor fluids work best in warmer temperatures, and when things drop below freezing, you can run the risk of putting your engine through unnecessary strain as a result. Fortunately, we’ll swap out these summer grade motor fluids for winterized fluids that are prepared for the plunging cold of winter.

Winter preparation isn’t easy, which is why we offer it to every one of our drivers from our Alfa Romeo service center. Van Horn Alfa Romeo Davenport is a leading auto provider in the Rock Island area, and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep our customers safe and happy this holiday season.1