Even in luxury exotic cars like an Alfa Romeo, heat is a dangerous factor. The mechanics and auto experts in our Alfa Romeo service center are well versed on the damages heat can do to an engine, which is why when you visit Van Horn Alfa Romeo Davenport for a full inspection, one of the things we’ll check is your cooling system.

It may be strange to think of an engine cooling system as important, but the truth of the matter is, without it your engine would be in a bad spot. All engines give off heat, no matter if you’re in the luxury Italian car or a standard economy sedan. Engines may run warm as it is, but there is a point at which heat becomes dangerous. Heat is damaging to any engine, particularly to one tempered for performance. The cooling system of a car is designed to keep this heat at manageable levels. Like all parts of a car, your cooling system is prone to wearing out.

There are a lot of components working in a cooling system, including things like piping, radiators, vents, and coolant fluid. If coolant is low, or there is a crack in your radiator, your cooling system suffers, and so does your engine. So, we highly recommend incorporating cooling system maintenance into your servicing routine. If you want to continue to enjoy the heart-pounding performance of an Alfa Romeo brand car, one of the main things you should keep an eye on is your cooling system.

Van Horn Alfa Romeo Davenport is one of the top-ranking Alfa Romeo dealerships in the Iowa City area and we strive to live up to our reputation day after day. Whether through cooling system inspections or finance guidance, premium excellence is our number one goal.